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  • Post published:02/10/2009
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Celeriac was lauded in our daily newspaper, The Recorder, on Saturday by Aaron Falbel of Sunderland for its brightness of flavor, versatility, and modesty. He says,
Relegated as you so often are, to the back and upper shelves in the supermarket,
Tossed among horseradish, jicama, salsify and other strange,
Unidentifiable rooty things.
Little do they know that you are the storage champion of all time,
Leaven even butternut squash in the dust. . . .
You persevereon, and on and on,
Keeping your bright celery flavor intact.

Celeriac may be Aaron’s favorite root vegetable, but at Saturday’s Winterfare farmer’s market, lovers of any root, watermelon radish, daikon, fancy potatoes, sweet potatoes, beets, carrots, or parsnips were in luck because there were piles and piles of these vegetables. All you needed to do was plow your way through the hungry crowds and lines to make your purchase. I bought mine and remoulade is on tonight’s menu.

Not only roots were on sale, but squash, apples, pork, jellies, cider, cheese, beef, blueberries, pickles, bread, shallots, onions, beets, Fresh Greens! Who knew there were so many local farms, and so many farms that were still feeding people during the winter? Who knew there were so many people eager to buy fresh local produce?

Well, I guess the organizers of this wondrous event did suspect the existence of farmers and customers. Three cheers for the organizers. And a thousand thanks.

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  1. Tinky/In Our Grandmothers' Kitchens

    I’m far, far away from Franklin County so I missed this event. Thank you for sharing some of its joys. I hope your remoulade was delicious! If you’d care to share the recipe on MY blog one of these days, it would be most welcome……..


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