Dawn Comes Up Like Thunder

  • Post published:12/17/2010
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not from China 'cross the Bay, but from the east in glorious array. I almost missed the photo, the colors change so rapidly.  This morning the sunrise was more pearly, but then came a pink glow over our fields. Very mysterious and beautiful. To see more beautiful skyscapes logon to host Skywatch Friday.

Sky and Wind

  • Post published:02/19/2010
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Why is it that dawn skies are always so beautiful. I was nearly blown off the Welcoming Platform while taking these photos. For more skies click on Skywatch Friday.

Sun Dog

  • Post published:02/05/2010
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I took this photo of a distinct sun dog at 7:30 am on Tuesday morning. A sun dog or parhelion is a 'mock sun'  or halo that appears next to the real sun caused by ice crystals in the atmosphere, although they appear in any season  They most often appear when the sun is low in the sky, and sometimes more than one can appear at the same time. Last fall we saw what is sometimes called a…

All Innocence

  • Post published:01/09/2009
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After yesterday's gray and stormy skies, this morning the view is of innocent blue and gentle cloud - could the prediction for another storm (!) tomorrow possibly be true? In any event, I'm making a break for it today.For other fabulous sky views check out Skywatch Friday.

Ice Damage Continues

  • Post published:12/19/2008
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Coming home from working at Heath's Emergency Shelter yesterday, I had to come the long way home because of power trucks still working on our road. I had to pass this spot on Rowe Road where the landowners had cleared a large field providing a magnificent view west to Mount Greylock. No matter the season or hour, the view of field, mountain and sky is always breathtaking. This major limb on our ancient apple tree didn't come down…

Skywatch and Thanksgiving

  • Post published:11/28/2008
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Yesterday we went to middle daughter's house for the family feast. Lots of family was there and nine year old Amanda took charge of the camera and she kept clicking away all day. The day is well documented: the basketball games on the driveway, dodgeball (?) on the lawn, chatting on the deck, cooking in the kitchen, eating in the dining room, football on the living room TV and Bibi, the French bulldog everywhere.The day was mild which…