Long Weekend in Burlington, Vermont

  • Post published:08/11/2016
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Our visits to the Cousins always include a few hours at the North End Beach (at the North End of my uncle's farm) which is covered with smooth lake stones. The pier was not there when I was a child. The cousins, my brothers and I didn't need any refinements to swim and have a wonderful time. We used those stones any number of ways, including hitting them together while we were under water. Our first experience with…

Celebrations and Caladiums

  • Post published:05/09/2015
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My husband and I just returned from a celebratory trip to the southland. We visited an uncle in Gulfport, drove through very wet bayou country in Mississippi and Texas, and then on to beyond the big Houston metropolis where towers of the city are a showy exclamation point in the flat landscape. We were off to Sienna Plantation where daughter Kate and her family live. We had come to Texas to participate in a solemn ceremony as grandson…

Bonnie Kate’s Wedding

  • Post published:02/14/2015
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On this Valentine's Day I'd like to share the story of daughter bonnie Kate's wedding, a chapter from my book The Roses at the End of the Road. Bonnie Kate’s Wedding        Our daughter Kate was never much interested in the garden, but when I planted the first roses in 1981 and laid out the plan for the Rose Walk, she did express a romantic desire to be married amid the roses. On a June Sunday in 1994 it…

Waterways – Many Ways

  • Post published:08/27/2014
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Our family enjoys water many ways. Exciting ways on the Deerfield River and paddling peacefully on Lake Champlain. For more Wordlessness this Wednesday click here.

Cooking Lessons Over the Years

  • Post published:03/13/2014
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As a liberated  woman I have made sure that my grandsons have had a few cooking lessons over the years. Rory was 13 when this photo was taken, but it is not his first lesson. Perfect scrambled eggs was probably an early lesson, but by 2009 he had moved along to the perfect omlette. Saumon en papillote, a Julia Child recipe, amazingly simple, but a dish with dash, has become Rory's specialite. I cannot begin to tell you…

Sometimes You Have to Show Off on Wordless Wednesday

  • Post published:07/17/2013
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Sometimes you have to show off your pleasure and delight. Wordless Wednesday is the perfect opportunity. Grandson Rory has been visiting. He may be taller and have new skills - driving! But the general attitude doesn't change at all. Pretty nice gate, don't you think? For more (almost) Wordlessness this Wednesday click here.

Work Crew for The Annual Rose Viewing Arrives

  • Post published:06/24/2013
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A sizeable  work crew showed up to help prepare for the Annual Rose Viewing,  but it was impossible to get a photo of them all  working together. Diane directed the weeding of the Peony Bed that was in great need. Henry took direction as well as the girls. Eveyone felt the 90 degree heat. Granddaughters Caitlin and Tricia couldn't even spare time to look up from their labors. I directed the shed clean up. Lola and Bella were ready…

W is for Water – and Dr. Betsy

  • Post published:04/26/2013
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W 1s for Water, and for Dr. Betsy our fourth child, second daughter, and Queen of Water. That actually isn't her title, which I don't remember, but she has been working for the Mass Water Resources  Authority for a number of years, as the scientist on the staff, although she also has administrative duties.  Why is it we parents never understand our children's jobs anymore? Anyway just in time for her 50th birthday celebration, she has been given…

K is for Kids on the A to Z Challenge

  • Post published:04/12/2013
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K is for Kids at the End of  the Road Farm. There are always projects and chores. Rory is collecting food for the worms.  He and his cousins built our worm bin for vermicomposting, and have helped keep the worms fed when they are here. We've had the worms for five years now. Sometimes we have special events like riding lesssons at Birch Glen Stables. All the boys got lessons, and most of them were enjoyed.  I like getting…

What is Winter For?

  • Post published:02/20/2013
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Winter is for time with 16 year old grandson Rory. And sledding. And bowling. And movies. And philosophical, economic and history conversations. Whew! For more (almost) Wordlessness this Wednesday click here.