Dahlia Season on the Bridge of Flowers

  • Post published:09/30/2014
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As a member of the Bridge of Flowers committee I am always happy when a visitor eloquently admires dahlia season on the Bridge of Flowers. Or any bloom season. Recently the Fine Gardening Magazine website featured a number of photos of the Bridge, and comments by Andy Engel of Fine Homebuilding Magazine - who finally followed the signs to the Bridge. To see his photos click here. I have taken my own photos of the Bridge this season.…

Birds and Blooms for Every Gardener

  • Post published:09/26/2014
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In spite of its name, Birds AND Blooms, I always thought of this magazine as concentrating on Birds. However, I've been looking at it from time to time and have come to  realize that it has lots of  good information for gardeners, too. In fact, as we all become more aware of  the pressures on our environment, climate change, depredations of host environments for migrating birds,  and a  simple desire to attract those 'flowers of the air" birds…

First Day of Fall Colors – Shades of Change

  • Post published:09/22/2014
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The colors of the landscape on the first day of fall are shifting. Fall colors are  mutable, first draining and then gathering richness. The dawn sun on the trees across the field show the rustiness of the trees as the fresh green seeps away. As I drove around on my errands I saw the different fall colors arrive in different ways, vibrantly on the treetops. The low branches of the beeches are turning gold and if I look…

What’s Blooming on September 1 at the End of the Road

  • Post published:09/01/2014
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What's blooming on September 1? As we acknowledge that even though it isn't officially autumn, we notice the days are shorter, and a maple or sumac branch here and there has begun waving scarlet in the sunlight, the bloom goes on.  Thomas Affleck is the only rose, as usual, that has much to show at this time of the year, although there is a stray blossom here and there on the Rose Walk. The ruogosa hips are ripening.…

Seeds and Seed Cases on Wordless Wednesday

  • Post published:11/06/2013
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Seeds and seed cases make something new to see in the garden. Coriander is the little round seeds left on the cilantro plants. That means cilantro/coriander is both an herb and a spice. Cotoneaster (Co-tone - e - aster) berries are brighter than coriander. These rose hips are not the kind for rose hip jelly. The tiny black seeds inside the petit columbine seed case will scatter themselves. More plants in the spring.   This milkweed stem shows…

First of the Month Record – November 1, 2013

  • Post published:11/03/2013
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The first of the month record is late - as usual - but things have been so busy here at the end of the road, with Halloween parties and the beginning of Christmas baking. Fruitcakes!  For the record, the first of the month felt like a tropical monsoon, with temperatures in the 70s, wind and lashing rain. The rain began during the night and  by the time the wind died down and the rain stopped at noon, we…

Frosty Morning – Sheffies Still Blooming

  • Post published:10/28/2013
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  We had our first real heavy frost, but the sheffies are undaunted. Neither are these pink mums. No real surprise - Sheffield daisies are just another mum. It is lovely to see them on this cold morning, with the sun beginning to shine brightly. I am thinking that it may be mild enough to work outside for a few more hours today. The garlic is planted, and many beds have been cleaned up - but not all. …

Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – October 2013

  • Post published:10/14/2013
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  On this Garden Blogger's Bloom Day in my Massachusetts hilltop garden we have  come through only one good frost, but the garden is slowly falling to sleep. Thomas Affleck is still blooming, and sporadic blossoms are still being thrown out by The Fairy, Meideland red and white, Hawkeye Belle and Knock Out Double Red. Grandpa Ott is a morning glory that is still blooming, in front of the house and down in the Potager, as we grandly…

Apple Harvest – Disease Resistant Liberty Apple

  • Post published:10/11/2013
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My apple harvest is at high tide. The whole neighborhood has been talking about what a great apple year this is, so I am not alone. Right now I am harvesting Liberty apples. We planted this Liberty tree in 1983. I think. We chose it because of its disease resistance. We have taken very little care of it, except for some not very expert pruning. This self-fertile tree continues to bear, and the fruit is remarkably unblemished with…

Krishna Amid the Autumnal Sumac

  • Post published:10/09/2013
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Krishna is the eighth incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu. He is often shown with his flute with which he seduces milk maids, but my Krishna's flute has been lost to the ages. He is no less seductive. For more Wordlessness this Wednesday click here.