Alma and the Turtleheads

  • Post published:09/16/2023
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Alma Potschke

Alma Potschke is a New England aster that will rise to 36 inches or more – and these did reach for another foot of sun.  The difficulty this summer has been a LOT of rain, so they grow tall, but then the heavy rains  knock them down.

A close view for Alma

Moist and well drained soils are important. Full sun is good as well, although partial sun will be alright. Asters also attract birds and butterflies even though some of my plants are bowing down.

Turtlehead flowers

It takes a long time for turtlehead flowers to bloom. Moist shady soil creates a beautiful arrangement. It has been growing larger and larger and I think I will have to give some plants away next year.

Turtlehead with bee

A fall blooming perennial, turtlehead gets its common name from the blossoms that resemble the shape of a turtle’s head with its mouth partly open. It has the scientific name Chelone glabra.  I just learned that  in the  Greek mythology there was a nymph named Chelone who insulted the gods and for punishment, she was turned into a turtle. Flowers can tell us a lot of fascinating stories!

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  1. Beth@PlantPostings

    Beautiful Asters and Turtleheads. You have the opposite problem to ours. We’re still in a drought, so I’m having to water way too often. I’m ready to just give up as autumn rolls around. It’s amazing how many plants survive and seemingly thrive with no watering, while others have gone dormant for the year.

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