A Birthday

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We first met Dan our first spring in Heath in 1980.  He stopped by the house to say he had come to get some farm implement that the previous owner said he could leave in the barn.  The ensuing chat revealed that he and other friends had lived in our house for a time. Although we  could not know it then, this was really a sign that our lives were already joined through the house, and would become even more affectionately entwined.

For a time I worked with BJ at Greenfield Community College where she was generous with her writing knowledge and encouragement.  The  friendship continued to grow so that when Dan and BJ finally tied the knot we lent them our house for family  guests on the wedding weekend while we went off to stay in Falmouth for a seaside vacation in BJ’s mother’s house.

in 1989 we stayed in their house while they vacationed and we waited for our visas to China to materialize.

When they were finally able to officially adopt young Samantha who had been fostering with them for several years, we joined the community of family and friends who gathered round and promised to love and support this new family in a ceremony led by the Rev. Mick Comstock.

Over these 29 (!) years We have celebrated with Dan and BJ, railed at the world with them and laughed, complained and laughed, dined and laughed, and sometimes wept together.

Birthdays are worthy of great celebration. So is the growth and flowering of a great friendship.

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  1. Tinky

    Nice tribute; nice celebration.

    The cake looks ready for Halloween…….

  2. Kate

    29 Years! That is amazing.

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