27 Years of Serving Ourselves

  • Post published:09/28/2008
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Last night the Heath Gourmet Club celebrated its 27th Anniversary – 27 years of serving ourselves really good food, lots of it very local. I made an apple tart with homemade applesauce from our own not very beautiful apples spiced with Calvados and topped with thin slices of Cortland apples from a new orchard in town. There used to be a number of orchards in Heath and the remnants are to be found everywhere, including our own fields where the deer happily feast.

Here we are at dinner (most of us are in the picture). For appetizers Sheila (barely in the frame on the left) who milks three goats made goat milk cheddar, marinated chevre, and fried goat mozzerella sticks along with mustard pickle. You should see Sheila’s cheese cave! Liz (final cook on the right) made a pear salad using her own pears. Our host Paul at the end of the table made a steak pudding with Stilton pastry in individual dishes. (We had leftovers for lunch today.) And then apple tart with whipped cream.

We used to stay up late, but after 27 years we are all ready to roll home by 10.

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  1. VP

    Hi Pat – thanks for stopping over at my place and sharing your memories of your visit to our area.

    You look like you had a grand feast. Lots of local, seasonal produce on the table – fit for a king. I smiled at your last sentence – it’s getting that way here too 😉

    I see we share a love of reading too – I’d love to live in a library, surrounded by a vast garden…

  2. Pat Leuchtman

    What a beautiful fantasy. A Library House and a vast garden. The only other fantasy would be a garden boy.

  3. Barbarapc

    What a great feed. Your apple tart looks and sounds wonderful. Thanks for stopping by – GWA conference is in Raleigh next year. Like that idea of garden boy.

  4. Pat Leuchtman

    barbarapc, we just got back from a visit to Canada. It was cold! in Montreal already, but we thoroughly enjoyed our morning in the Jardin Botanique. Our friends in Quebec Ville took us to the Bois de Coulonge and after seeing thriving plants in both places I am really wondering about Canadian climate zones. More research ahead.

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