Sprouted Wheat Bread

  • Post published:01/06/2010
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Sprouted wheat bread

Bread is the staff of life. I love making bread in general, especially in winter when the oven helps warm the house, but in preparation for my sprouting workshop at the Northampton Winterfare on Saturday, Jan. 9, I decided to make sprouted wheat whole wheat bread. I got a good recipe from the Sprout People website, and the result is delicious.

The recipe made two loaves. One, the prettier one, went into the freezer so I can bring it with me to the workshop. I sliced into the other loaf to test it and make sure it was workshop worthy.  It is!  I sat down with a strong cup of tea and bread slathered with butter and a friend’s homemade blackberry jam. Hard to say which was crunchier, the spouted wheat or the blackberry jam, but so delicious – and nutritious.  Did you know that when a seed sprouts the amount of vitamins and protein and fiber increase in an amazing way!
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  1. Tinky

    It looks great … and of course I love your tablecloth! Happy crunching……

  2. Flaneur

    That is a beautiful loaf of bread, Pat – the equivalent in flour of a perfect rose in bloom. It so desperately wants to be caressed lavishly with butter and savored!

    That said, do you gardeners never rest? I suppose gardeners find this sort of thing exhilarating but for those of us who neither knead nor weed, it is a bit enervating. Thank goodness gardeners and bakers alike are given to sharing…

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