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Real Pickles Redux

Dan Rosenberg of Real Pickles

Last Friday a group of Herb Society of American members, and I, toured the Franklin County Community Development Corporation to see how foods and libations are being prepared in their commercial kitchens and special facilities. I’ve already described our tearful demonstration of the making of horseradish sauce. We also went across the street from the CDC to visit with Real Pickles founder Dan Rosenberg. Rosenberg used the CDC facilities for several years until he was successful enough to buy his own building across the street and continue growing his business, a line of fermented pickles.

Rosenberg is devoted to supporting our local food system by buying most of his produce from farms within a 50 mile radius, and selling his products only in the Northeast. I wrote more about this inspiring and energetic young man here.

During our tour of the Real Pickles operation we  also heard about their solar power, and the clever way their refrigeration unit makes use of outdoor cold air in the winter. Rosenberg is committed to sustainability in every possible area.

Sprouted Wheat Bread

Sprouted wheat bread

Bread is the staff of life. I love making bread in general, especially in winter when the oven helps warm the house, but in preparation for my sprouting workshop at the Northampton Winterfare on Saturday, Jan. 9, I decided to make sprouted wheat whole wheat bread. I got a good recipe from the Sprout People website, and the result is delicious.

The recipe made two loaves. One, the prettier one, went into the freezer so I can bring it with me to the workshop. I sliced into the other loaf to test it and make sure it was workshop worthy.  It is!  I sat down with a strong cup of tea and bread slathered with butter and a friend’s homemade blackberry jam. Hard to say which was crunchier, the spouted wheat or the blackberry jam, but so delicious – and nutritious.  Did you know that when a seed sprouts the amount of vitamins and protein and fiber increase in an amazing way!
Sprouted Wheat on FoodistaSprouted Wheat