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Garden Ornaments, Fairy Houses and Hypertufa

Garden ornaments

Garden ornaments were everywhere at the New England Grows trade show in Boston this past weekend. Concrete and ceramic Buddhas, saints, rabbits, wooden trellises and rain chains . These containers reminded me of the hypertufa workshop that the Bridge of Flowers will be scheduling in April. I want to make a garden trough for alpines. Or succulents.

Miniature conifers

As I wandered around I saw this display of miniature and dwarf conifers – suitable for Fairy Houses. I only know about the Fairy Houses that children make out of bark, pebbles, moss and other natural bits and pieces but I doubt that they are in the market for miniature plants.

Fairy Garden landscape

I didn’t have to go far before I found this booth selling small items to outfit a fairy landscape and house.

Fairy Garden

It became clear to me that adults want fairy houses and fairy gardens as much as young children. We all want magic; some of us find it in the hidden places of our gardens – even if they are not  as well furnished as these. What kinds of ornaments do you have in your garden?

5 comments to Garden Ornaments, Fairy Houses and Hypertufa

  • What a cutee and exquisite magic fairy garden!! I love the small landscape!! So cuteee and how did you do it?

  • Lisa at Greenbow

    I just love these little fairy gardens and all the accessories. I never wanted a doll house when I was a child but the child in me wants all the fairy garden “stuff” that I see. Love those little shrubs, tiny hostas etc.

  • Pat

    Dear WD – I didn’t do it at all. These cute landscapes were created by exhibitors at NE Grows. However you can go to and see what a world of fairy accoutrements exists.

  • I love these little fairy gardens! My eight-year-old granddaughter told me recently that she had “outgrown” fairies, but I suspect she would enjoy helping me create one of these gardens:) Oh, this looks like such a fun place to spend an afternoon! I have to wait until March and travel all the way to Indianapolis or Chicago before getting to see anything similar.

    I don’t have too many ornaments in my garden, but I do have two green wrought iron chairs similar to the ones in your first photo–I pulled them out of the trash bin at a recycling center last fall!

  • Pat

    Rose – It was a fun tour the show. And I love our ‘transfer’ station where I have transferred a number of things to our house. The ‘dump’ in the next town is called the Refuse Garden, and the pickings are really good there.

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