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  • Post published:02/21/2017
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A version of the Japanese tsukabai

The coming of spring has me looking at garden tour inspirations from the past. I love this shady Japanese scene in a garden in 2014.

Water bowl
Water bowl

This water bowl in another garden shows that even a small garden with less piping and infrastructure can have  this Japanese feature with it shade loving ferns and other plants. I have always felt the serenity of green Japanese gardens which are designed for looking at, and quiet meditation.

Dry stream bed
Dry stream bed

A garden tour in 2016 took me to Minneapolis where I saw this dry stream. I keep trying to figure out how I can use  this idea to provide more drainage in my very wet garden.

Stone and water
Stone and water

I can tell you I have many photos of water in gardens. This was one of my favorites in Minneapolis. I  don’t think I will get anything like  this in my garden.

Lilies in Minneapolis
Lilies in Minneapolis

As much as I love the serenity of  Japanese garden elements, I also love big lush plantings of flowers.

Vera's Steps in Minneapolis
Vera’s steps in Minneapolis

A garden tour can give inspiration for public spaces. This stairway is just a small part of a steep incline leading from a parking lot down to a busy road. A wasteland was turned into a beautiful public park. We need more green public spaces for our  souls, and for the benefit of the environment.

Mysterious curving path
Mysterious curving path

I have gotten lots of inspiration from Greenfield Garden Club tours. This garden tour gave me one of my favorite gardens. It is a lot similar to mine, but it has curving paths that don’t let you see what comes next.


And yet, this fully planted garden has a little gazebo for visiting.

Pergola for picknicing
Pergola for picnicing

And a pergola for shady picnics. As I design and plant my garden, this is a garden I look to for inspiration.

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  1. hairytoegardener

    I agree garden tours provide inspiration and motivation. Since I now live in an area with few of them, I have to get my inspiration from others like yourself who post photos of the tours they’ve gone on. Thanks!

  2. chsandt

    Very inspiring! I have loved garden tours in the Philadelphia area. The ones I have experienced were sponsored by the Garden Conservancy, Bridge of Hope and the Downingtown Public Library. All gave me excellent ideas and inspiration for my own gardens.

  3. Lisa Greenbow

    I love to do garden tours. I especially like gardens that are made by gardeners that have small gardens. So much can be translated to my own small garden.

  4. Pat

    Hairytoe – That’s what friends are for – to pass on inspirations.
    Lisa – I am learning more about small gardens – and very glad to have a small garden.

  5. Pat

    chsandt – We are fortunate to have local garden tours in so many different kinds of settings. We get to enjoy small gardens and some grander gardens and some very unique gardens. Who knew you could “tune” a small garden waterfall?

  6. You’re inspiring me to pull up photos from garden tours that I’ve been on and relook at them for new inspiration. Thank you!

  7. Pat

    Cynthia – I love looking at my ‘old’ photos because I have learned so much, and admired so much, but I don’t always remember so much. Reviewing is essential for me.

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