Tower Hill Botanic Garden

  • Post published:05/04/2008
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The daffodils were dripping in my own garden when I left for Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Boylston. It was the weekend of the Daffodil Show and the Primrose Show. I got to walk the long border of the Systematic Garden holding all 11 classes of daffodils, more properly known as narcissus. The Systematic Garden has numerous other beds laid out to hold varieties of one type of plant. Then it was down the steps to the Daffodil Field with literally thousands and thousands of daffodils in full bloom The air was cool and misty. Perfect daffodil weather. Inside, where it was warm and dry perfect daffodil blooms were being judged in their own classes, but it was the experience of the abundance that was moving.
Primroses were also being judged and this P. elatior, otherwise known as the Oxslip primrose, was waiting its turn. There were many beautiful primroses in shades of yellow and purple and pink. Many different forms, but all singing of spring. I couldn’t find any outdoors, but I did buy a tiny yellow auricula for my own garden. I have just the space.

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  1. Hermione Bibelot

    Tower Hill? Is it a building or what? Liked the picture of the field. Love the blog and the web site, too!

  2. Pat Leuchtman

    Tower Hill Botanic Garden does include a beautiful visitor’s center with a gift shop, cafe, library, restrooms and a cool greenhouse jam packed with gorgeous plants. That building is surrounded by a whole variety of carefully designed as well as wild woodland gardens. A great place for a visit to inspire and instruct.

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