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  • Post published:09/12/2023
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Winner of the Roundhouse

The Roundhouse is a part of the great Franklin County Fair, sponsored by the Franklin County Agricultural Society in September. I am one of the women who are members of the Greenfield Garden Club, women who put this vision together.  Each year there is a different approach, but this year we included lots of books – and I can tell you happily those books came from my house.

A Beautiful Quilt – The winner

The rest of the Roundhouse shows off our world. This Quilt is stunning – and there is another!

Another Best Quilt

This quilt has a different set of Ribbons – and I think all of the quilts are beautiful including those that are hanging all around the Round house.

This is me taking picture of some of the the various quilts.
Delicious fruit

Clarkdale always has a big array of fruits – with lots and lots of apples, but they have other fruit as well.

Philip admiring the vegetables

Son Philip was looking closely at those beautiful vegetables.

A beautiful door

We love looking at all the delicious foods, and of course the beautiful  flowers, but then it is time to show outdoor prizes. I thought this was very welcoming.

Nasami Farms

There are other buildings that house everything from children’s careful work, various forms of nature like this, and salesmen showing up what we all need.

A number of Goats

Needless to say that we want to see what our farmers are doing. These are beautiful goats, but  there are other animals as well.

We had a great time at the Fair, and I hope you will mark your calendar too.

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