The Fairy – Rose of the Day

  • Post published:07/07/2013
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You might think The Fairy to be a fragile pink rose, but in the 1960 Roses of Yesterday and Today catalog this sturdy polyantha is described as 'unexcelled for vigor, spreading growth, perfect health and hardiness, and its superability to produce those charming pink rosette type blossoms in constant abundance, - each a fair flower, crisp and waxen like a pink sea shell." The Fairy has proved herself to be a stalwart star of my mixed border for the…

Winter Sunset Correction on Wordless Wednesday

  • Post published:07/03/2013
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Last week I mis-identified this rose as Winter Sunset. Winter Sunset and Folksinger are both Griffith Buck hardy rose hybrids. This image from the gardenweb forum shows that both roses have a similar form, but Winter Sunset has deeper color. I have both of these roses, but right now Winter Sunset is not doing well at all. To see what else is Wordless this Wednesday click here.  

It Never Rains on the Rose Viewing

  • Post published:07/01/2013
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It has never rained on the Rose Viewing, and I think I can claim it did not rain yesterday either. The Rose Viewing is from 1-4 pm. At 3:45 yesterday there were a few drops of rain, but then no more. The guests who were here at that time strolled into the Cottage Ornee where we stayed and chatted, ate the last few cookies, and strawberry sorbet that one of the guests brought, until Sunday afternoon exhaustion set…

Annual Rose Viewing June 30, 2013

  • Post published:06/29/2013
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  I was inviting a new friend to our Annual Rose Viewing. She looked at me in absolute amazement. “You can grow tea roses in Heath?” No, I cannot. Tea roses will not grow in Heath. The word rose is not synonymous with the words tea rose. Mostly I have rugosas, albas, damasks, shrubs and farmgirls. Since 1980 when I planted my first rose, Passionate Nymph’s Thigh, I have planted  over one hundred roses.  More than half of…

Work Crew for The Annual Rose Viewing Arrives

  • Post published:06/24/2013
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A sizeable  work crew showed up to help prepare for the Annual Rose Viewing,  but it was impossible to get a photo of them all  working together. Diane directed the weeding of the Peony Bed that was in great need. Henry took direction as well as the girls. Eveyone felt the 90 degree heat. Granddaughters Caitlin and Tricia couldn't even spare time to look up from their labors. I directed the shed clean up. Lola and Bella were ready…

We Have a Winner!

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Hooray! A name has been chosen at random and Nancy is the winner of a copy of The Roses at The End of the Road. As soon as I have her address I will mail it right out.  I'm glad the book - or news of the  book - will be a part of your birthday celebration.

Seasonal Celebrations – The Annual Rose Viewing

  • Post published:06/20/2013
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  The Annual Rose Viewing, the last Sunday in June, is our early summer Seasonal Celebration. Most of my collection of 60+ hardy, trouble free roses are only in bloom for three or four weeks. The period of peak bloom is very short and we want to share that glory with our friends and neighbors - and their friends. The Annual Rose Viewing is our Garden Open Today. This year the Annual Rose Viewing will be held on…

Rose Month Sale of The Roses at the End of the Road

  • Post published:06/16/2013
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  June is Rose Month and I haven't celebrated at all - so far - but I will begin the celebration with a Special Sale Price for The Roses at the End of the Road. For all orders I receive  by June 30 the cost will be $12 with no tax or shipping charge. Click here for ordering information The Roses at the End of the is not a how-to book although I do include some basic information. The most…

The Suddenness of Spring

  • Post published:05/24/2013
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The suddenness of spring caught me by surprise yesterday.  After two days of being kept inside by sometimes torrential rains, I went out and saw that the ajuga, escaped into the lawn years ago from an old flower bed, is in full and startling bloom. This area has not been mowed yet because I made the mistake of planting daffodils here and must wait until they have finished blooming and ripening. Only a few daffodils are still in…

X is for Xeric – and Drought Resistant Plants

  • Post published:04/27/2013
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X is for Xeric. Xeric plants are those adapted to an extremely dry habitat. While the weather/climate in my area is definitely changing with periods of drought, and  heavier rains when they come. I am paying more attention to those plants that are drought tolerant, if not really xeric. These Gaillardias are a wonderful perennials that have done beautifully in my garden.  After checking a list of drought resisant plants I was happy to see that I have a number…