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  • Post published:05/26/2008
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Obviously this is not a photo of me in the garden on Sunday morning, but there I am on my Sunday Morning Gardener show which I record in Beverly, Massachusetts on northshore104.9.

Aurelia Nelson who works for the station is my partner and with the help of our producer/engineer Jay Foss we have a jolly time talking to callers, and experts like Paul Tukey of Safe Lawns and Marie Stella, garden historian and designer. Last week we were talking about all the garden tours around which inspire all of us gardeners and help fund many types of good works. We are also promoting local food and after slaving away in the studio Aurelia and I nipped over to the Hawthorne Inn in Salem for a Harvest dinner where much of the menu was local food, including the clams and ramps in my stew, the goat cheese in my cheesecake and the rhubarb in our delicious compote which was really gilding that cheesecake. There was even local wine. Tune in and listen at 8 am on Sunday Morning.

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  1. Marco Lucca

    Wow! Radio work is more glamourous than I’d thought: you look like a star. Am looking forward to your HGTV syndication. How do you find time for your web site, your blog, your column or your longer writing projects? -A reader wants to know

  2. Pat Leuchtman

    Glamour is fleeting, but delicious and to be enjoyed at every opportunity.

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