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  • Post published:06/17/2011
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Over the past couple of days three of my 6 fancy chrysanthemums and some morning glory seedlings in my  little circle garden (which guards our mower from a huge boulder) have been eaten or pulled out. At first I couldn’t figure out who would pull two of the mum babies out and hide them, but we have got bunnies around this year – for the first time.

I never thought bunnies liked mums.  Or morning glories. When I saw that all the beets in my Front Garden were eaten, that was understandable, but a surprise. I didn’t think bunnies would come so near the house.  We are setting to work on traps, net fences, cayenne and Deer Off. I hope we can stop this thief from further depredations.

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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    Yep, bunnies while they are so cute frolicing around the garden can be so destructive.

  2. Pat

    Lisa – We saw him frolicing again, but last night I did put up black plastic netting around the circle garden.

  3. Donna B.

    Use blood meal! It’s a bit on the smelly side, and you need to reapply often – but it’s a natural[ish] and helps your plants~ I’ve been using it to deter deer and other small rodents. Works really good!
    [Or plant thistle around the plants… stuff that hurts… mwahaha.]

  4. Pat

    Donna – Thanks for the tip. My husband will pick some up on the way home!

  5. Cre

    Walking around our yard last night, I turned the corner in time to see a little white, fluffy back-side bounding away into the woods. At first, I thought “Awww, cute bunny”, but then looked down to see the leaves of my Baptista, munched away. My weapon of choice was cayenne, but if that fails, I’ll try the blood meal suggestion. Thank you for visiting my site the other day and for your kind comment. I’m playing catch-up today! Cheers!

  6. Carolflowerhill

    Oh Pat, I feel for you and your losses. Rabbits are truly a problem in that they carry deer ticks and eat anything and everything in sight. I have had success saving new plantings with the black netting too. Over the winter they killed many young native shrubs. GRRR! It is not as though they do not have plenty to eat out further away from our homes and gardens. Their predators stay away from our houses for the most part . . . so they are safer as our guests!

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