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  • Post published:01/05/2009
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Our grandson Ryan, 11 this month, joined us at the End of the Road for some vacation. Well, we use the word loosely. There are always chores, and he is a strong young man. I needed his help.

He even had to bake his own cookies. I bought the chocolate bits.

We did some socializing and visited the Litchfield goats. They needed feeding. Chores everywhere.

Of course there is a lot of history and culture to be enjoyed when you visit Granny and the Major. On our way to North Adams we stopped at the eastern portal of the historic Hoosac Tunnel.

And at the railroad museum in North Adams, we got to hear the whole long story about the years it took to build the tunnel.

History makes every body hungry. Especially on a bitter cold day.

Then off to the internationally famous Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art with its iconic upside down trees. They don’t make as much of a statement when they are naked.

Lots of great exhibits inside including Illuminations: Adam Chapman. Weird and wonderful interactive digital art.

The terrariums are still on display. His cousins really enjoyed this during their summer visit.
There is always time to play with the Major.

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  1. Anonymous

    What? No pictures of Ryan helping the Major move furniture? No pictures of Ryan charming Suzy and Connie? Nonetheless a very fine photo essay of Ryan’s visit. But where was his grandmother and who took those very good photos? Informed readers want to know. – Peter B.

  2. Pat Leuchtman

    Dear PB – Granny took the photos – and many many more.

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