Rory in the Snow

  • Post published:03/02/2008
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Eleven year old Rory came to visit last week. All the grandchildren had school vacation and we nabbed one for some fun in the snow.

However, it was so cold that we enjoyed a lot of indoor activities as well. He needed to study up on light opera in preparation for finishing his requirements to become a Boy Scout in May so we listened to The Pirates of Penzance, Gilbert and Sullivan’s tale of a slave to duty who, it turns out, was born on Leap Year Day (just like this year!) and found out he would not be free of his piratical indentures for many many more years.

He also had to help us prepare for the Heath Gourmet Club dinner on Saturday, his first time as a Guest Eater. And he ate a lot! We celebrated the Chinese New Year, and Rory was born in the Year of the Rat so this was an especially appropriate meal for him to attend. Dumplings. Beef and peppers. Stir fried vegetables. Whole steamed fish, and Ming Tsai’s East Meets West Spice Cake.
Too bad the Cub Scouts don’t give points for cooking. The boy is a natural!

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