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Mount Blanc rugosa

Mount Blanc rugosa

The Last Rose Viewing has come and gone, but it was an unforgettable day – Rain!  I always said ‘It never rains on the Rose Viewing’ but that record was broken on Sunday when there was mist – and then real rain. But hardy souls turned up anyway dressed in slickers and boots, umbrellas at the ready.

Rose Viewing attendees

Rose Viewing attendees

It was not only raining, it was cold. Those little girls were not happy. This was not their scene. However, before everyone left we enjoyed a tribute to the roses, sung by two very creative and musical friends, Dave Gott and Ted Watt,  to the tune of The Last Rose of Summer. Poet Thomas Moore wrote the original poem, but it was much too sad for even a day washed with rain.

“T’is the last Heath Rose Viewing/ In a wold drenched with rain/ But kind friends have here gathered/ To give tribute again.

To the love of pure beauty/ That this garden brings to all/ Thank you dear Pat and Henry/ for your gifts great and small.

We have swooned over Mabel/ Red Knockout and White Dawn/ Coveted Cuisse de Nymph/ Carefree Beauty and Champlain.

We have rambled this hill top/ Paradise so close to heaven/ May we all cherish memories/ Of these times we have been given.

Rose Viewing from the fireside

Rose Viewing from the fireside

Granddaughters Tricia and Caitlin kept the hot tea flowing by the fireside. The traditional menu of cookies and strawberries was at hand.

There will be roses at the Greenfield house, but it will be a while before they are ready for viewing.

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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    I hope you are taking a lot of before pictures of your new garden. It is going to be fun to see the before and after pictures. You will no doubt have a rose celebration in the years ahead.

  2. Pat

    Lisa – Exactly right. Lots of photos here in Heath, and lots of before and after photos of the new Greenfield garden.

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