Review of the First Month of the Year – January 2020

  • Post published:02/03/2020
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The snowy back yard on January 1, 2020

My New Year’s Resolution is to keep a better record of the weather, and the changes in the garden over 2020. We enter the year with a snow covered garden.

The front garden melting

By January 12, 2020 the back and front gardens are melting, melting, melting.

A typical flood scene

Of course, snow will melt, but we did not expect so much melting this quickly by January 17, 2020 Note the flooding on the north side of the garden.

Pruned sycamores on January 20, 2020

Although there had been more snow, the town workers went around pruning trees and protecting our power wires. Our 100 year old sycamore is on the left.

February 1, 2010

I forgot to take a picture on January 31, but there was little change on the first day of February. The weather has been mild with temperatures in the 30s and 40s. No flooding is visible. And as I write this I can announce that Punxatawny Phil has promised an early spring.  The temperature at this moment is 43 degrees.

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  1. Nan

    We had two January thaws this year. And Tom says for the first time ever … the old saying by Candlemas Day you should have half your wood and half your hay – we have more than half our wood left.

  2. We have been relatively mild, too. No subzero temperatures at all this winter, which is very unusual. I’m OK with having an early spring.

  3. Pat

    Beth – It is getting more springlike here as well. Last night’s snow turned into rain this morning. I’m OK with it too

  4. Pat

    Nan – We can’t count the day by a wood pile anymore, but even the new snowfall is wet and can’t decide whether it would prefer being rain.

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