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P is for Peonies on the A to Z Challenge

 P is for Peonies. Peonies are fabulous! Peonies are  glamorous! Peonies will bloom  for generations. Peonies are easy care. In the olden days you had to plant peony roots in the fall, but nowadays you can buy potted plants in the spring – and possibly even get a bloom your first season.


One of my nameless Heath Peonies

I have bought and planted many peonies, but most of the names have been lost. The Peony Border in Heath had about two  dozen varieties. I haven’t yet figured out where to plant them in my new garden.
Peony named 'Kansas'

Paeonia “Kansas”

Most of my peonies were pale pinks a nd white. It is because “Kansas was so different that I was able to remember its name.


Another of my nameless peonies

I have written about my peonies more fully here. For all the information you will ever need about all varieties of peonies click here for the American Peony Society.

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