Is It Still Winter? Or Has Spring Arrived?

  • Post published:02/23/2022
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It is hard to know  whether it is winter as the calendar says, or spring, which is poking its roots and shoots into the garden. Look at those green shoots. Over in the upper right bed there are two little green mounds – which will soon be home for grape hyacinths (Muscari) shouting  that spring has arrived. The green clumps on the other side of the ‘river’ are very energetic tall cardinal flower. This Lobelia will bloom from July into September. And they make lots of babies too.

Grape Hyacinths

On the other side of the garden, beneath  the River Birch, is another clump of grape hyacinths.  Although the foliage of Muscari dies in late summer, it will soon begin to send up new foliage. And that foliage lasts all winter. It is almost time to send up grape hyacinth blossoms.

The winter has not destroyed  the daylilies. Some clumps of daylilies are already sending up shoots. The earliest daylily to bloom in my garden is the wonderful golden Stella D’Oro.  But I am not sure which of my daylilies this one is.

Sheffield daisies

Sheffield daisies, otherwise known as Sheffies, is a wonderful strong and long blooming autumn flower. It does not  bloom until September, but then it blooms and blooms into the end of October.  But look at  the  foliage she is sending  out already.

Daffodil shoots

It is a surprise  that some small daffodils in front of the house are also sending up their first tiny shoots. Look very closely.  I feel that it will not be long before garden will give out the first spring bloomers – and these give such promise.

As excited as I am, I have to remain calm. A big snow storm is due the day after tomorrow – February 25.

And guess  what? The storm arrived, and snow is continuing to fall.

Too bad the snow is invisible as it falls.

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  1. Beth@PlantPostings

    I think spring is hitting your area faster than our area this year. But I am seeing signs, and next week will be milder, so…

  2. Pat

    Beth – This morning the snow is falling – falling – falling!

  3. Robin Ruff Leja

    I am longing for Sheffies for my garden! I have never seen them in a store, but online shipping is so darned pricey. I might have to just break down and order them.

  4. Pat

    Robin – I wish you were my neighbor. I can always! share there energetic flowers.

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