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I Won Tropicannas!

Tropicanna Gold from Tesselaar

There was a Giveaway over at Garden Rant and I won some Tropicannas from Tessalaar Plants!  I’m not exactly sure what, but I think this new Tropicanna Gold is coming my way. Cannas are dramatic plants so I am very excited.  I don’t think they will be in bloom in time for the Franklin Land Trust Farm and Garden Tour on June 25 and 26, but it will be a great treat for mid-summer.

They will not overwinter in my climate but I think these will make spectacular container plants, and it just so happens that I bought a couple of nice big containers on sale last fall.  What do you think I should plant with them?

I’m starting to browse through my new copy of the Encyclopedia of Container Plants  by Ray Rogers from Timber Press.  Cannas have such magnificent foliage; do they need anything else?

Thank you Amy Stewart and Tesselaar!

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