Harrison’s Yellow Rose

  • Post published:06/10/2011
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Harrison's Yellow

The first time I was given this rose it came with warnings to plant it somewhere it could be mowed back and kept under control. Unfortunately, it died. I tried again and I now have two clumps, but the mower has not be necessary yet.  I love that this early bloomer reflects the June sunlight which encourages all the growth on the hill.

Harrison’s Yellow rose presents its small double blossoms only in June. Its small leaves and spiny prickery stems will endure all summer. Like lilacs, this old rose is one that is often found on abandoned farms. It suckers easily so it was easy to give roots away to those who were setting off for new lands and new opportunities. I’m just glad I have the opportunity to have it growing in my garden.

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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    I love yellow roses. I can’t imagine taking a mower to a rose. What a strange image that makes in my mind.

  2. Rose

    Such a beautiful old rose! Like Lisa, though, I can’t imagine having to mow one down.

  3. Susan

    Well, I’ll be 66 next month, and I have pictures of me smelling our Harison yellow rose in the front yard when I was 3 years old. That rose came from part of my grandmothers plant. When I got married in 1967, I took some with me. I’ve given lots away over the years. We built a new homethis in 1978, and I brought some of the rose plant with me. It spreads like crazy, and we, too, have to mow around it to keep it in check, or it will travel all over the yard! It would probably even go visit the neighbors (she has her own from this stock).


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