GROW NOW by Emily Murphy

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GROW NOW by Emily Murphy

I have had a vegetable garden for many years, but the science behind plants is always is always bringing us important new information about how to plant a vegetable garden. Emily Murphy began her gardening when she spent summers  with her grandmother who was an energetic gardener.  Those phrases on the book cover, Go Beyond Organic, Rewild Your Land, Sequester Carbon and Support Biodiversity, suggest that gardens are giving us new ideas,  and new ways to give each of us – and the world – good health.

GROW NOW is an encouraging book. It does not make demands but points out the importance of our soil and supplies the knowledge of creating good soil. “There’s a growing trend in agriculture we can support and adopt in  our home gardens and communities that returns carbon back to soil, reduces carbon emissions, and helps restore the soil ecosystem while fostering biodiversity.”

Composting technique

Compost is important in any garden. There are different ways of making good compost but it is important to remember  that alternating between green materials like weeds and tops of green vegetables that are nitrogen rich, and browns like leaves  and twigs that are carbon rich. The book provides lists of both which is very useful to a new gardener.

Plants for People and the Planet

After laying the groundwork for Plants for People and the Planet there are short sections on all the different types of plants. Many herbs are perennial and they are important to our cooking. Many vegetables and fruits are annual, and again there is a great list along with instructions for seeding and planting. There is information on fruit trees and shrubs. We must not forget plants for butterflies which are so beautiful and important. They need host plants where they can lay their eggs, and have food for the caterpillars that hatch. This is  such a great section it makes me want to run out and buy seeds along with some mulch.

The final two sections, Rewilding to Support Biodiversity, and Grow More Good, are given over the importance of the kinds of plants we grow, and encouragement to learn more about the science of garden plants. This book is immensely useful- easy to read – and enjoyable.

Emily Murphy gives us a great book, but it is not  the first time. She also wrote Grow What You Love and is a leading proponent of regenerative organic growing. She is a practiced gardener, designer, educator and photographer. This is a beautiful book.  She also has a great blog, Pass the Pistil, will also give great information.

Grow Now (Workman $18.) Is aa book that will keep you gardening and making the world a better place.

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