Greenfield Garden Club Garden Tour!

  • Post published:05/23/2024
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Flowers in the Garden

This morning I walked through the garden to see what flowers I could bring to our friends, BJ and Dan. As I began I was  a little alarmed but I walked. And I did find a few lovely things. I do like the tall viburnum with  its lacy flower, and as I strolled I also found golden Geum, Bleeding Heart. primrose, and Icelandic poppy. There will be more.

Purple Rain Rose

This little rose is the first one that has actually opened it’s beauty. Many more will come.

Carefree Beauty Rose

These roses will soon be larger and fuller – and I can tell that it will come very soon.

I am  a member of my Greenfield Garden Club and Garden Tour. This year, June 8  tickets, 10 am – 4 pm tickets, are available at the John Zon Center, 35 Pleasant St, Greenfield.   I will enjoy talking and watching visitors as they/we  walk though the garden.  AND there will be a plant sale.

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