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  • Post published:03/09/2010
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My copy of Green Prints, The Weeder’s Digest, arrived in the mail the other day. It is not hard to understand why the commonweeder loves the weeder’s digest on many levels. Puns intended.

If you haven’t ever run across a copy of this charming magazine, this issue shows you all the reasons why it is so popular.  Encouragement, humor, peace and a lot of fascinating characters, including the editor, Pat Stone, who gives away some information about himself.  He’d rather be in his canoe than his garden?!

I like the story in this issue about ‘Johnny Lilyseed’ who plants daylilies here and there around his Massachusetts town, reminding me of our own local Daffodil Planter, who secretly planted daffodils along Rte 2 some years ago. Our springs get more beautiful every year, and  Johnny’s plantings led him on to more and more plantings – and a friendship.

It is hard to tell you how much pleasure is enclosed between the covers of each issue.  You can logon to their website for the story of how Green Prints came to be, a sampling of their stories, and subscription info.  In celebration of their anniversary, they have also given me permission to print a story about one of my favorite subjects right here. Manure!

Click here and be patient.  A Load of Manure

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  1. I love the idea of secretly planting. I have often thought of poping some crocus or snowdrop bulbs in the park near my house. They do not have anything in flower until the tulips are out, that is 2 months of wasted time.

  2. Pat

    Deborah – The Secret Daffodil Planter and his daffodils were the talk of the season the first year – and thanked every year since.

  3. I live in Northampton & have been an illustrator for Green Prints for over 10 years. Pat Stone is an excellent editor, very down to earth (excuse the pun.) His suggestions as to how i can improve my drawings are always right on. I hope his little publication can survive these difficult times.

  4. Pat

    Blanche – I’ve just been visiting your website which is fascinating. I always think I should eat more of my weeds – it would serve them right – so to speak. We can’t seem to stop punning. I also hope Green Prints continues for twice time twenty years more.

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