Flowers And Bees!

  • Post published:07/20/2023
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Double Daylily

Most of my daylilies are simple but these double blossoms are an extra treat.

Cone Flowers

It is the season when my garden is filled with pink cone flowers and brilliant daylilies. It’s a wonderful  world.


I can’t tell what kind of bees these are, but Greenfield appreciates bees, and especially honey bees – but I don’t think these are honey bees. I will keep watching.

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  1. Thom

    Yes Pat your backyard flooding is sadly astonishing. But you certainly planted wisely.
    One wise planting was the Butterbush. Seeing it on your posting today reminds me to thank you for introducing us to it on your garden tour. Here it enjoys seasonal wet feet and it is doing marvelously.

  2. Pat

    Thom – The truth is that when we bought this house, with this wet backyard we just grit our teeth and added lots of soil and chose plants and flowers don’t mind (not too much) the plants will flourish.

  3. Nan

    Double blossoms!!!!! I’ve never seen them.

  4. Pat

    Nan – I love those double blossoms – they are thrilling!

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