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Enjoying Christmas Gifts

Latin for Gardeners by Lorraine Harrison

Those who know me know  that books, or a bookstore gift certificate, are my favorite Christmas gifts. Latin for Gardeners, Over 3,000 plant names explained and explored by Lorraine Harrison is a beautiful book. The textured cover even feels beautiful, and the interior pages are subtly tinted with green. Special sections of Plant Profiles, information about Plant Hunters like Sir Joseph Banks and Jane Colden and Marianne North, and Plant Themes like The Qualities of Plants, are a deeper but soft shade of green. The book is also generously illustrated with colored botanical drawings of plants and their parts. This is definitely a book for browsing, but I find that I never allow enough time when I sit down with it because other duties call all too soon. Thank you, Peter.

Sheepoopaper from Wales

Not all wonderful and welcome presents are as elegant as Latin for Gardeners. My granddaughter was in the British Isles in the fall to attend the wedding of her dear friends. She was in Wales, a land of sheep, and found the perfect gift for her gardening Granny – sheep manure!  She hand carried this fertilizer home for me. I haven’t decided whether it should go in the garden, or when I should tear it up and use pieces when I am repotting plants in the spring. Thank you, Tricia!


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