• Post published:08/19/2009
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Late blight has infected my tomatoes.  Yesterday afternoon I went out to pick more beans and noticed that the single dead tomato branch was now several dead branches on all six of my tomato plants. It is difficult to see in  the photo against the straw mulch, but the reality was very clear.

If there was any doubt, one look at the tomatoes made it imperative to take instant and radical action. I pulled up all the plants and all loose tomatoes- which three days ago were big, beautiful and healthy looking – and put them into big black trash bags. Tomorrow they will go to the dump and thence the incinerator.

So far the potatoes in my ‘potato barrel’ seem OK, but I’m watching closely, as are the tomato plants in the Herb Bed in front of the house.

The question is how to make  sure spores are not in the soil to infect plants next year.  The first attack is to make sure that no part of the tomato plant or fallen tomatoes remain.  More research is needed.

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  1. Mattenylou

    Ohh! sorry to see this has hit your garden. I’ve been hearing so many folks saying the same thing in the past week or so! What a shame!

    Everytime I see a shriveled leaf, I wonder if it’s coming here.

    Hopefully your potatoes will be okay.

  2. admin

    Mattenylou – It’s getting so I’m afraid to go down to the garden. So far the tomatoes by the house are OK.

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