Christmas is Packed Away – On to a Happy New Year

  • Post published:01/07/2022
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Our Christmas Tree 2022

On the twelfth day of Christmas it was time to take the Christmas tree down. One final look – and a sigh as we begin.

Christmas birds

Years ago I was at a Christmas party and our hostess had an array of small trees, each with a theme. It was  the tree devoted to birds that caught my fancy. Ever after I began collecting bird ornaments for our tree. Some are carved from wood, and some have feathers, and some are made with shiny paper.

Birds in their box

The birds fly into their box, to be gently kept for another year.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Some  ornaments, like the 1940s American flag, have been plucked from the tree and nestle in tissue paper. Some just snuggle together in a shallow box. Angels, hearts, lambs, silver snowflakes and more rest together in their box.

Pat and the lights

It’s always hard to know – which is more difficult. Is it putting on the lights – or taking them off?


The Christmas tree has been denuded and taken outside. What is left? The heavy stand that  will return to the attic, and the needles that will be swept away.

Now we will enjoy a happy new year. At least that is our plan. Do you have a plan?


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