Greenfield Garden Club Had a Party . . .

  • Post published:12/12/2015
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but I didn't attend. The Greenfield Garden Club always has a delightful Christmas party complete with a delicious pot luck and a Yankee Swap which is always great fun. Last night I set out, clutching the party address on Bernardston Road. It was foggy when I set out, but I gave it never a thought. As I drove along I noticed that even the houses near the road were camouflaged by the fog. I drove past where I…

Bridge of Flowers Gains New Fame

  • Post published:12/10/2015
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  This post is a little off the subject, but as a member of the Bridge of Flowers committee I can't help blowing the Bridge's horn. The famed magazine Architectural Digest has opened their on-line article about elevated gardens around the world  with our beautiful Bridge of Flowers in Shelburne Falls. They even noted that our Bridge is probably the first renovated Bridge in the United States. Our Bridge of Flowers now attracts thousands of visitors every year…

We have a winner!

  • Post published:08/19/2015
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We have a winner for Beardless Irises: A plant for every garden situation by Kevin C. Vaughn. Congratulations to Cathy over at Rambling in the Garden.

Last Chance for the Beardless Irises Giveaway

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  Today is your last chance to leave a comment here to win this book, heavily illustrated with beautiful photographs of irises you never heard of. At least irises I never heard of. Beardless Irises  is by Kevin Vaughn who knows all about Siberian and Japanese irises and even Louisiana iriseswhich I am familiar with, but also Pacific Coast Irises which I can't grow, and the amazing tall, water-loving Spuria irises which  sound perfect for my new garden.…

Beardless Irises – and Giveaway

I recently reviewed Beardless Irises: A plant for every garden situation and now Schiffer publishing is offering a Giveaway of this beautiful, fascinating and useful book.   I have been reading Beardless Irises: A Plant for Every Garden Situation by Keven C. Vaughn and published by Schiffer.  My own experience with beardless irises is with Siberian irises which are one of the most beautiful and easy care flowers in the world, and Japanese irises which often have a…

Blogoversary – and Cultivating Garden Style by Rochelle Greayer

My first blog post went up on December 6, 2007, which means I have seven happy years to celebrate on this blogoversary. In that first post I wondered whether 67 was too old to begin blogging. I  guess I didn't need to worry. I don't have statistics until 2010, but since then I have written 1582 posts and received over 6000 comments. I don't feel a day older and there are many new ideas and plants, and gardeners out…

We Have a Winner for Hellstrip Gardening

  • Post published:07/07/2014
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We have a winner!  A copy of Hellstrip Gardening: Create a paradise between the sidewalk and the curb by Evelyn J. Hadden will be sent to Rose of Rose's Prairie Garden. Congratulations, Rose!

We Have a Winner! And a Continuing Sale

  • Post published:12/13/2013
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Betsy Johnson is our winner! Practically a neighbor over there in Williamstown.  Timber Press will send Seeing Flowers directly after I have her address, and I'll be sending her The Roses at the End of the Road. Everyone can order their own copy of The Roses at the End of the Road, or a copy to give as a gift to anyone who loves  roses or tales of life in the country by emailing me at or…

Giveaway to Celebrate Six Years of Blogging

Six years of blogging and I'm celebrating with a Giveaway. It hardly seems possible. Six years of documenting my garden, mostly, but also family events. Because of my blog I have met gardeners from around the country at Flings.  All you have to do to meet some of them is click on the Buffa10 badge on the right side of the page. Over these six years and 1,406 posts I have learned that gardeners have a wide range…

Giveaway – Seeing Flowers: Discover the Hidden Life of Flowers

  • Post published:10/25/2013
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Seeing Flowers: Discover the Hidden Life of Flowers with amazing photographs by Robert Llewellyn and charming essays by Teri Dunn Chace, is a beautiful companion to the stunning Seeing Trees: Discover the Extraordinary Secrets of Everyday Trees  which also features Robert Llewellyn's unique photographic process.  The book, and a gorgeous 16 x 24 gallery quality print to celebrate the release of this book by Timber Press is being given away to some flower lover.  All you have to do is click…