Bloom Day on June 15, 2013

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Potted Annuals on the Piazza

In order to beat the promised two (more) days of heavy rain, I dashed out  to get photos for Bloom Day just  as the rain began on Thursday. I’ve potted up many of the annuals: geraniums, fuschia, petunias, snapdragons, blue and white lobelia, and rosemary. I still have a few that have to be put in the ground.

Stocks in the Herb Bed

These stocks were a gift from a friend. I didn’t totally realize how big the clump would get, and I certainly hadn’t counted on the rain beating them down over the lilies, thalictrum and parsley.

Siberian irises

These blue Siberian irises bloom at the eastern end of the Herb Bed, but also in the Southern Lawn Bed, and in the field. I think I threw a thinned out clump in the field years ago. That spot is damp and the irises took root and continue to thrive in less than idea conditions. Since then I have taken other thinned clumps and put them along the driveway/road. Some of them have taken quite well. We moved a lot of daylilies early this spring and set those clumps along the road as well.  With all  the rain we have had I think they may take root. I am hopeful.

Campanula ‘Joan Elliottt’

Some plants are real troopers.  ‘Joan Elliott is beaten down, too, but she continues to bloom in the Lawn Bed, and in a weedy spot near our hazel nut trees.

Miss Canada Lilac

The Miss Canada lilac has no real fragrance, but she is putting on a great show this year. I think she has liked all the rain.  All the other lilacs are finished.

Salvia ‘May NIght’

Salvia ‘May Night’ is standing tall in spite of wind and rain.

Rugosa ‘Agnes’

‘Agnes’ is slowly taking hold  on the Rose Bank. She is just one of the many rugosas here at the End of the Road. Others beginning to bloom are Dart’s Dash and Scabrosa.

‘Blanc Double de Coubert’ rugosa

All rugosas  are very hardy. The Rugosa albas that grow at the top of the Sunken garden in rocky soil choked with weeds come through with amazing stamina every year, but this popular white rugosa has taken a beating from ice and winter, but it looks like it may recover this year.

Rugosa ‘Sitka’

‘Sitka’ was planted two years ago and it looks very good this year. She is named after the town in Alaska where she was first found.


Rose from Woodslawn Farm in Colrain

I just love this sturdy old rose. I received a root that has thrived and is spreading. It is loaded with these sweet little pink flowers  with big golden hearts.

Harrison’s Yellow rose

Harrison’s Yellow is not quite as vigorous as the pink rose from Woodslawn Farm but it has the same fine foliage on thin spiny branches.

Peony Buds

Usually at least half the peonies are blooming by now, but this cold wet spring I only have buds. There will be a good show, but not until later in the month – which is fine, because the Annual Rose Viewing this year will be on Sunday, June 30,1-4 pm.  The Rose Viewing (our Garden Open Today event) is always on the last Sunday in June, so it has never been this late. Even so, the peonies should still be looking very good on the 30th.


Ox eye daisies

All through June I have been admiring roadside daisies, and was happy to see a clump come up in our lawn. They’ll be cut down this weekend when we mow the whole lawn – including old daffodil foliage.

Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day hosted by Carol on May Dreams Gardens has provided us all with a great way to record our garden’s bloom season, and see what is blooming all over our great land.

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  1. Lea

    Lovely roses, and I especially like the pink Lilac!
    Have a wonderful week-end!
    Lea’s Menagerie

  2. Rose

    You managed to get some great photos in spite of the rain, Pat. Looks like your rose viewing is going to be stunning this year!

  3. How lovely to have peony, roses, lilacs and irises blooming at the same time. This year the roses were far behind the other blooms and they like cool weather.

  4. Jason

    I’m jealous you have stock still blooming. I planted it for the first time this year and loved the scent, but it was done here weeks ago. And what a beautiful patch of Siberian Iris!

  5. Pat

    Lea – the pink lilac, Miss Canada, really outdid herself this year. Too bad there is no fragrance.
    Rose – The garden is preening in the sun – but more rain predicted. Not too much this time. I think.
    Donna – It is unusual to have so many flowers joining the roses this time of the year.
    Jason – the pollinators certainly love the stocks. I love Siberians. So easy!

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