Bloom Day August 2011

My husband was amused to wake up yesterday morning and find me – and the gray cat – out in the garden weeding in between drizzly sprinkles of rain. I have been trying to weed for weeks, but somehow there hasn’t been time. And there wasn’t much time yesterday either, but you can get an idea of what is blooming right now: Miss Lingaard phlox hasn’t quite given up, a pink phlox is in full flower, as is Blue Paradise phlox in the next bed along with a deep blue aconitum. The pink echinacea, an airy Russian sage, artemesia lactiflora, coral bells, and a small allium that was all but lost in the weeds are in bloom.

Thomas Affleck

A few roses are still in bloom, most notably ‘Thomas Affleck’ which I pass dozens of  times a day as I go in and out of the house.

Meidiland red rose

This Meidiland red rose is the rose I used on the cover of my book, The Roses at the End of the Road. Pink Grootendorst, Carefree Beauty, the Knockout double red roses, and the white rugosas are still putting out blossoms.

Roses and lilies are a standard combo. These Stargazer lilies are hardly more than a foot high this year. What happened? I think they need more sun; they are growing next to and in the shade of a cotinus.

The ‘Black Beauty’ lilies and crimson bee balm in the Herb Bed are looking raggedy, as is the lawn, but they are putting up a good show – especially the lilies.  This year the Casa Blanca lilies have escaped the deer which makes me very happy, although I don’t have a good photo this morning.

The scarlet bee balm down in the Potager will need a major dividing this fall. Maybe the flowers will then be a bit more substantial.

Renee’s hot color zinnias, right next to the bee balm are looking great.

The Daylily Bank is still going strong, with strong colored daylilies, and a few tender yellows and pinks.


Tansy is such a pretty plant – but horribly invasive. Never plant it! I have a field of tansy and it is coming up through the layers of cardboard and wood chips in the Potager paths. It is a nightmare.

For other beautiful garden in bloom around the world log on to May Dreams Garden. Thank you Carol!


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  1. Dorothy

    Your flowers are lovely and so colorful. I especially enjoyed seeing the photo of you with your garden helper! Happy Bloom Day!

  2. Pat

    Dorothy – Holly, the cat,is companionable. She doesn’t like us wandering too far unless she can accompany us.

  3. Andrea

    your individual flower photos are nice, but the truth is i love that wide angle shot, the first one. It shows a lot of character.

  4. Lisa at Greenbow

    I was out early pulling weeds today too. It has been too hot here to do so. Now the ground is so hard and dry they just break off. At least it looks a little neater. Your roses are gorgeous. I like the big bed of flowers you are weeding. Tansy isn’t so hardy here. Probably because of our droughty summers it is kept in check.

  5. Rebecca

    Beautiful photos! It’s funny that you have a problem with tansy being invasive… I’ve planted it several times and it never survives–guess I should be thankful!

  6. Pat

    Andrea – Thanks for the kind words. I think it is so hard to get a good photo of sections of the garden with my little point-andshoot.
    Lisa – I do like my Lawn Beds which include shrubs and trees.
    Rebecca. Be very thankful!

  7. Caroline

    I’m a fan of single-petaled roses and your Meidiland rose is no exception. Too bad about the tansy — the foliage is so interesting and I wouldn’t mind a field of yellow blossoms in front of my house right now. Happy GBBD!

  8. You say that your ‘Black Beauty’ lilies and monarda look raggedy, Pat, but they made me gasp when I saw your picture… just imagining them in real life. My garden is very sad by comparison. Happy Blooms Day, and congratulations on the birth of your book.

  9. Layanee

    Gorgeous blooms. I did plant tansy in the vegetable garden for its companion planting effect. It is said to attract beneficials and I can keep it in check there. I have found it quite invasive in a perennial border as have you.

  10. Louisette

    Wonderfull garden full colors, best regard from Belgium

  11. Pat

    Layanee – Keep a close eye. It has seeded itself all along the road coming up to our house.
    Louisette – Thank you so much for visiting.

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