Birdsong not heard for years

Bridge of Flowers Plant Sale

I have not been posting very regularly because I have been so quietly busy. There were preparations for the fabulous Bridge of Flowers Plant sale which went off on Saturday without a hitch. I think we had 36 plants left over. Out of over 1300!

Young Elliott and friends

On Sunday we hosted the Presentation of Elliott (in the plaid suit) and celebrated. And celebrated!

Monday was just one thing after another and yesterday, in the heat, I was out of the house all day,  with first graders at the Bridge of Flowers, at the Clarke School Hearing Center, at the Forbes and Jones libraries, and at a Bridge of Flowers meeting in the evening. Then wild thunderstorms all night that left us the gift of more than 2 inches of rain.

Sargent Crabapple in Sunken Garden

This morning I walked barefoot through the garden to inspect all the newly refreshed flowers. The birds were singing, trilling, warbling, and calling,  as they hadn’t for years. Or, to put it another way, birdsong as I had not heard it for years. What a gift.  And why?

I think I may even be able to hear my tiny fountain this  summer. I am so happy. If only my husband’s morning newspaper didn’t make such a racket!

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  1. Ellen

    Wonderful for you Pat! I was expecting to hear about a rare songbird that you noticed in your gardens 🙂

  2. Cindy, MCOK

    Pat, tell Henry to rattle that newspaper a little more quietly!

  3. Lisa at Greenbow

    Good for you. It is so funny that you posted about your new hearing aids this morning. This was the first morning that my husband had his new hearing aids. We went out for a morning stroll. He was amazed at the cacophony of sound. He was even able to pick out individual songs like he hasn’t been able to for years. I must say it is good for me too. I don’t get so many “HUH? and Whats” from him. Good for everyone. ENJOY.

  4. Layanee

    Terrific! I should come see your bridge sometime this summer.

  5. Christy

    Hi Pat…how wonderful that you got your hearing aids and you’re able to hear the birds again. They make such special music! The flower sale looks like fun!

  6. Mary Nelen

    What a lovely post! Tweet, rattle and roll. Thanks for that Pat.

  7. Flaneur

    Happy about the electroacoustic device – enjoy otic euphoria! Happy about the birds’ songs, sorry about husband’s newspaper brandishing. And especially glad that you no longer will be shouting at your plants. They’ll be so much more happy now that you’re speaking to them in a normal voice.

  8. Hooray for the hearing aids! Definitely one of the greatest inventions ever. It would be so sad to miss the birds singing away.

  9. Pat how wonderful to hear the birds again so clearly…and congrats on the plant sale going so well.

  10. Pat

    Ellen – it is even better to hear the songs of common birds who are always here.
    Cindy – Henry is tiptoeing around. Odd things make a lot of noise – the old fashioned latches on a door we use all the time.
    Lisa – I am adjusting very well and it is a joy for both of us.
    Layanee – The Bridge will have 15 seconds of fame in the movie The Judge being filmed in town. Robert Downey Jr! Robert Duvall! A ‘greensman’ will be on duty to make sure the Bridge is up to Hollywood standards. Come anytime.
    Christy – The plant sale was great, but hearing the birds is even more special.
    Flaneur – The plants are greatly relieved. Now I just whisper encouragement.
    Sarah – a truly great invention – and our audiologist said improvements come every day so when they have to be replaced in 7 years there is no telling how wonderful they will be.
    Conna – Congratulations on all counts happily received.

  11. Iris and Peter

    Congratulations we remember vividly the Bridge of Flowers when Elsa took us several times, sadly mised,we enjoy following progress on various E mails

  12. Rose

    Congratulations on the new hearing aids! I can still hear the birdsong, but straining to hear conversations sometimes makes me think I will soon be in need of a little help, too. And congratulations on the new little one. It is a busy time for all of us these days, and it sounds like you have been truly enjoying every minute of it, Pat.

  13. Nan

    How wonderful for you! I’m really happy you can hear well again.

  14. Pat

    Iris and Peter – How good to hear from you. There is not a day goes by that I do not think of Elsa.
    Rose – Absolutely enjoying every busy minute!
    Nan – It truly is wonderful. I can’t wait to hook up my little fountain and see if I can hear that.

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