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Connecticut Yankee Delphinium in Graceful Bloom

Connecticut Yankee Delphinium

I bought the Connecticut Yankee Delphinium because it was not as  tall as the dramatic and more familiar delphiums, and knew that it did not need staking.  That is the attribute that famous photographer Edward Steichen was searching for when he hybridized the Connecticut Yankee.

Steichen had a passion for delphiums and grew five acres of the flowers at his Reading, Connecticut home. He  was so passionate that he brought them to the Museum of Modern Art in New York City for an exhibit which I wrote about here.

Unfortunately, in my garden the Connecticut Yankee Delphinium is not as sturdy as I had hoped. It routinely blows down, to be held up by surrounding flowers like this ‘Switzerland’ Shasta daisy. However, the dream of a sturdy delphinium has found other hybridizers. The Magic Fountain Series is shorter with sturdier stems. I might have to give them a try. Delphinium blues are just magnificent.

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