Winterfare – Always a Delicious Success

  • Post published:02/04/2013
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Winterfare veggies

Saturday more I went down to Greenfield for Winterfare – always a delcicous success. People in our area are so happy to be able to buy fresh vegetables directly from farmers, even in winter. Of course, this winter farmer’s market isn’t limited to vegetables. Real Pickles had a booth selling – Pickles! Sunrise Farm was selling maple syrup, Apex Orchards was selling apples, Warm Colors Apiary was selling honey and other bee products, Barberic Farm was selling  lamb and lamb fleeces.  El Jardin had their fabulous breads and there were many other great vendors. The soups they served at lunch were delicious.

Salad toppers from LaSalles

Winterfare always schedules a few talks. I gave mine on how to extend the growing season and I mentioned ‘micro-greens’. This was a new concept for some of my auditors, but I could send them to John LaSalle’s booth where he was selling – and I was buying – what he called salad toppers, otherwise known as micro-greens. You wouldn’t get a whole salad for the family out of his flat, but you could snip off a few leaves for a fresh topping.

Freesias from LaSalles

We do not live by bread, or veggie alone. John LaSalle also brought bundles of his famous fragrant freezias. Most of these end up in New York City florist shops. Winterfare shoppers were very happy.

I came home with a bagful of veggies and bread and a flat of  salad toppers. Winterfare is always a delicious success!

We do not live by

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  1. Christy

    After reading this I had the craving for a salad!!

  2. Pat

    Christy – We are so lucky to have local farms that manage to keep greens growing year round. I did by a salad mix along with my aalad toppers.

  3. Flaneur

    You really have got to stop photographing Parisian street markets in the summer, and French greengrocers in general, and trying to pass off the photos as evidence of fine fare in wintry Massachusetts! Everyone knows that folks in those arctic regions are reduced to eating canned goods until July. These images are cruel and give us false hope. Tell the truth: those radishes and turnips were Photoshopped from a Santa Barbara farmers market and then airbrushed to the point of delectability, weren’t they?

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