Winterberry – Scarlet and Gold

  • Post published:10/12/2023
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Scarlet Winterberries

These scarlet berries sit in front of our house, and thrice more in back of the house where our garden lives with many friends. Although I do not believe that any whitetail deer or snowshoe hare will be enjoying my delicious winterberries,  I am happy to know that 48 species of birds will be very happy to eat those berries.

Golden Winterberries

These golden winterberries are thriving very well, which surprises me and my friends.  This shrub lives in a  very swampy place (which is like my whole garden actually).  Information about caring for Golden winterberries says it must be kept in moist well-drained soil. That is not a description of my Golden berries.  The truth is when we moved into this house it had a totally bare backyard – except for the grass – and a small grassy  front yard. The reason for all this moisture is the river running below the grass.  In the winter neighborhood children came to skate on the ice.

I love these winterberries, and I love surprising people with their energy. Maybe you will enjoy Scarlet and Gold too.


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  1. Beth@PlantPostings

    It’s great that both are thriving in your garden. They’re both lovely, and as you say, excellent food for the birds. <3

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