Whither the Weather

  • Post published:06/23/2008
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Last Monday afternoon we had a terrific hailstorm that lasted over 10 minutes. Ferocious winds, driving rain and battering hail. At least it didn’t really hurt the thyme – see above. The lettuce and young squash and bean plants weren’t so lucky. Still, life will not be denied! Many of the battered plants are recovering. Another reason to procrastinate and not act on that despairing impulse to rip everything out and start over.

Last night there were ferocious thunderstorms. Torrential rains that continued on into the morning. This time it wasn’t the garden that I was worried about, but the house! We are in the process of putting in a new north foundation and we are at the point in the process where the north wall of the house is being held up by four fragile looking metal posts sitting on blocks in what is now mud.
This photo was taking on a sunny day earlier this week. I don’t dare go out there now for fear of a dangerous mudslide.

Of course, while we are suffering all this bad weather, I keep hoping for a fine day so that my ‘Yard Man’ 18 year old Justen can finally finish the mowing because I am preparing first for a visit from the Greenfield Garden Club on Thursday, and then our Annual Rose Viewing on Sunday. Why does it always rain on days when the Yard Man is scheduled?

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  1. Northern Shade

    At least the rain should encourage new growth on the plants, which will help to cover any damage. The rain can’t possibly do any good for the excavation though.It’s unfortunate with the timing.
    It sounds like you will be having a very busy week all around.I’d love to see pictures of the rose viewing.

  2. Robbin

    I was looking for news to find out what happened last night in Heath and I found your web site and blog. I heard the flash flood warnings on the NY radio station I listen to, so I and got out of bed to check the internet for the radar. My friend and I own a home in Heath and we go there most weekends through out the year. We spent most of last weekend, all five of us, working for 1 and 1/2 days just cleaning the debris from the last storm. It appears the vegetable garden is hopeless. My Hosta plants were shredded, and many plants were left as twisted stubs, like there was a twister possibly. Well I just thought I’d drop a line and say thanks for the reading. Guess we are looking forward to another working weekend. sigh………..

    Robbin Smart

  3. Pat Leuchtman

    Robbin, I’ve had to replant squash, but somehow the hail damage wasn’t devastating. Maybe my post-modern orange snow fence creates more protection than I imagined. Take some time off on the 29th to join us at The Rose Viewing. The roses hardly managed at all.

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