While Watching the Snow Fall . . .

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Tarankanische (The Terrible Cockroach)

I’ve been browsing through the online Creepy Crawlies exhibit of children’s books from the Cotsen Children’s Library at Princeton University. These books date as far back as the 1744 edition of Tom Thumb’s Pretty Song Book.

The Terrible Cockroach by the Russian Kornei Chukovski and illustrated by Sergeii Chekhonin, published in Leningrad 1925, tells the nonsense tale of a threatening cockroach who is so fierce that he terrifies all the animals who are out to enjoy a picnic. Even the elephants are helpless in his presence. Until, that is, until a sparrow comes and gobbles him up.

Other stores include snails, bedbugs, dung beetles, and a caterpillar garden in a variety of styles from the cartoonish to the scientific.

Creepy crawlies remain a topic for children’s book writers and illustrators. Jim Aylesworth’s Old Black Fly published in 1992 is a case in point.

Old Black Fly by Jim Aylsworth

I have Garden History Girl to thank for this wonderful link which includes other virtual exhibitions.  She know a lot about gardens and all the things you will find in gardens.

Looking at these illustrations is more fun that looking at the sastrugi in the Sunken Garden.

Sunken Garden 2-26

Can you imagine how long it will take the 6 foot drift to melt in the spring?

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  1. Tinky

    What a great way to beat the snow! Thanks for putting a smile on my face on a grey afternoon…….

  2. Rose

    Kids love creepy crawlies, and this is a great way to encourage their interest in nature. Our temperatures are supposed to get up to 40 this week–hooray! But like you, it’s going to take a long time to melt all the snowdrifts.

  3. Pat

    Tinky – It is amazing the things you can find online.
    Rose – Some of the books in the Creepy Crawlies collection are of the non-fiction variety.

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