The Witches of Oz

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The Wizard of Oz

The Heath Elementary School joined other august institutions of learning like Yale University, Brandeis and Tufts (to name only a few) in working with the innovative Double Edge Theater in Ashfield, an international center for performance. collaboration and training. This year the production was an original adaptation of The Wizard of Oz.

This all school performance that involved everyone from kindergarten munchkins and bees, to a very dramatic Wicked Witch of the West (is it possible she was only in 6th grade?) must have kept a large costume crew busy as bees, making clever costumes for 3 scarecrows, 3 tin men, 3 cowardly lions, crows, bees, monkeys?  and many witches covering all the cardinal points of the compass – south, southwest, northeast, west  . . .


By the time I took this photo the Munchkins and  . . .

Oz guards

the guards , they were enjoying being a part of the audience, waiting to take their bow.

A Horse of Another Color

I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the Horse of another color – even though it had shed its four legs.

Putting on a school play calls on collaboration between the arts, literature, theater, music, set and costume design and the creative skills to put flesh on a concept.  It is a joy to see the confidence of the students who step forward to belt out songs, dance down the yellow brick road and buzz around, taking the spotlight and relinquishing the spotlight to others in turn.

Many thanks to all the many many parents, staff, and other volunteers who bring this richness to the school and to the broader community.

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  1. Carol

    A great post Pat! We are so lucky to have Double Edge so nearby… five minutes from me and I have the added luck of having some of the members helping me in the gardens. Young people from all over the world venture here to work and train actors. What great costumes!! I love the bodiless horse! What gorgeous work! Whenever I visit your blog I always leave feeling so lucky to live in our neck of the woods. You highlight so much of the best in us! Carol

  2. Kate

    What a great post and such fun pics! Love the horse. :))

  3. Pat

    carol – Double Edge is a great institution – and how lucky they are to have you so close by. The Horse did have 4 young legs I just couldn’t get a photo of the head and legs together. I also feel very lucky to have landed in such a good part of the world.
    Kate – This was a fantastic! production. Lots of creative people working together and with the children.

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