The Grange – Then and Now

  • Post published:03/07/2011
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Sawyer Hall is our Heath Post Office, Police Office, and Town Library with Town Offices for  the Selectbord, Administrator, Tax Collector, Assessors, etc. upstairs, but  for for many years a good portion of Sawyer Hall was used by the Grange for suppers, and even for dramatic productions.  I remember when we moved here in 1979 the Library was closed because the building was being renovated.  Someone gave me a tour of the large open upstairs where a small…

Goldthread Herb Farm

  • Post published:06/12/2010
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“I have a good imagination,” William Siff told me as we sat in the shade overlooking the new Learning Garden in the midst of fields of medicinal herbs. He said he didn’t imagine the Goldthread Herbal Apothecary with its farm, workshops and national speaking engagements all at once, “But they are all a part of the same focus. “As a move towards sustainable living herbal medicine is a powerful vehicle. As a society we know a lot about…

Crop Mobs

  • Post published:03/02/2010
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The New York Times Magazine had a story on Sunday about Crop Mobs down in North Carolina.  The idea is that volunteer 'pop up farmers' can show up at a farm to slave away for a day or afternoon, doing all that labor intensive work that small farms have so much of. I know the Greenfield Garden Club has Weed Mobs before their annual garden tour, but I wonder if any local farms need a Crop Mob?  I'll…