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Korean pogoji
Korean pogoji

Marjie Moser’s Print and Dye Workshop hangs out over the Deerfield River in Shelburne Falls. She prints and dyes fabrics like this silk Korean pogoji. Koreans beautifully wrap their gifts, including food gifts, and they traditionally wrap them in silk like this pogoji. The traditional silk wrap resembles  our patchwork but all the silks are carefully chosen, creatively arranged and then beautifully and meticulously sewn with finely finished seams. One can hardly see which is the ‘good’ side and which is not.

My friend Marjie Moser who made this beautiful silk adornment uses it as a window hanging where it resembles a glowing stained glass window. The walls are covered with silk scarves that she has artfully dyes. Some of the scarves are dyed and use actual flowers from the Bridge of Flowers to create the patterning.

There are many other printed items in the shop from heavy cotton dish towels with charming designs like a view of The Bridge of Flowers, tote bags, and cards.

Marjie Moser's handprinted card
Marjie Moser’s handprinted card

Marjie is an artist. She has an eye for color and design and a fine hand for execution. Check out the website her husband created for the Print and Dye Workshop – or stop in and see for yourself.

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  1. marjorie

    Hi Pat thank so much for the lovely Post! I made that pojagi for my daughter when she was in college in Portland Oregon. It was raining constantly and I thought I could send her a bit of sunshine through the cloth.

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