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  • Post published:01/24/2009
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There are times when it is impossible to be out in the garden – when its pouring, snowing, sleeting, freezing or too damn hot. While I do read a lot of garden books, and own a LOT of garden books so that I am never at a loss, I always have a mystery novel going as well.

My friend B.J. Roche, who teaches journalism at the University of Massachusetts and writes for various regional and national publications, decided that it was time to shift into the New Media.  Her website, Fiftyshift, is all about things that interest women in their 40s, 50s, and beyond.  B.J. knows that I am an avid mystery reader and asked me to do a guest piece.   Considering the slant of the website I immediately thought of of those tough gals who started showing up in the 80s, Kinsey Milhone, Anna Pigeon and V.I Warshawski.  Login and see what I’ve been enjoying over the past 25 years.

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  1. Frances

    Hi Pat, thanks for this. I love mysteries and although blogging has bitten into my reading time the web site sounds the perfect solution. I will check it out!

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