Paul Tukey and Me

  • Post published:02/10/2010
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Paul Tukey and me

Last week I attended a Garden Writers workshop in Boston to learn about new trends in the garden, and in the blogs. Paul Tukey of Safe Lawns fame was on hand, too.  Although we had never met I did interview him last spring when I was doing a radio show in Beverley. Phone interview are a necessity in this world we we are all so spread out, but nothing beats talking to someone in the flesh.

Paul is the author of the Organic Lawn Care Manual which gives us information about caring for our lawns so that they are a healthful playground, and all the reasons why this is so important to our own health and the health of the planet.

Recently he learned that Health Canada (like our EPA) plans to ban all Weed and Feed lawn products. This has already been done on local levels, but this regulation will go into effect nationwide at the end of 2012. We might have something to learn here.

I’ve never fertilized our lawn. My husband says it grows quite fast enough. Nor have I used herbicide. I’m perfectly happy with my ‘flowery mead,’ but I am adding more goundcovers.

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  1. Read about the Canadian ban & am very impressed. Now if only we in the US could get that passed.

  2. Pat

    MMD- I just went back and re-read the post that Paul wrote the day he took his newborn daughter home from the hospital which shows how dangerous all those chemicals are to little children. There is just no need for these chemicals which are everywhere in our environment.

  3. Noelle/azplantlady

    How interesting that they are getting rid of weed & feed. It is a good thing, but I have to break the news to some of my family. I think people should just be happy with a low-maintenance lawn, if they have one – as long as it’s green, all is well.

  4. Paul Tukey

    Thanks for the plug and the post. It was great to meet you in person. Big news for us: Our movie,, is now available for sale on DVD and the U.S. tour continues Feb. 20 in Seattle and Feb. 22 in Boston. I hope you can make it.

    Be well.

  5. Pat

    Paul, I’m glad the movie is on DVD. We live too far from any movie theaters.

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