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After a night and day of snow and freezing rain, we had a brief respite. Then it began to snow again. Two more inches of fine cold snow. I had to leave at dawn today for a Library and Legislators breakfast and almost didn't make it because the nighttime winds had frozen the car doors shut. Much gnashing of teeth later I got the passsenger door open, climbed over the gear shift and pretzeled myself into the car.…

Unexpected Harvest

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We think a lot about 'critters' here at the End of the Road. We hear coyotes at night - and at noon when they respond to the noon whistle at the firehouse, bears, deer (grrrrrr) and fisher cats who once killed 60 month old chicks. Recently, there have been owls. Different owls watching over different houses, even an owl sitting on the recycle metal bin at the Transfer Station. Last week I woke in the night and looked…

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – March

  • Post published:03/17/2008
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Some people have snowdrops. Here in Heath we have new snow on March 15. The only thing blooming is the ever faithful abutilon. See postings for January and February Bloom Days

NE Flower Show in Boston

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Water, water everywhere at the New England Flower Show. There were still ponds, splashing waterfalls, jetting fountains, dripping pillars and balls. It seems we must all have water in our gardens.Actually I remember reading Beverley Nichols over 20 years ago and he said that water was absolutely essential in any garden. I was a new gardener at the time and I couldn't imagine how you could ever manage this and I thought it was a ridiculous requirement. No…

Smith College Spring Bulb Show

  • Post published:03/06/2008
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This is how things looked on the hill on Tuesday. We still had three feet of snow and everything was covered in ice. But I left and slid down the hill to Northampton. This is what I saw at the annual Smith College Spring Bulb Show. The sun shone through the glass house. The air was cool, but damp and fragrant. It might as well have been spring.After spending delicious time in the two bulb show room, I…

Rory in the Snow

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Eleven year old Rory came to visit last week. All the grandchildren had school vacation and we nabbed one for some fun in the snow.However, it was so cold that we enjoyed a lot of indoor activities as well. He needed to study up on light opera in preparation for finishing his requirements to become a Boy Scout in May so we listened to The Pirates of Penzance, Gilbert and Sullivan's tale of a slave to duty who,…

Winter Continues

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Since I took this photo of Krishna, chest deep in snow, early in the week we have had more snow. More wind. And more snow. Krishna is now neck deep in the white stuff, and snow shoes are required to get out to the hen house. However, the sun is bright. The days are a bit longer. Our bedroom is bright by 6:45 am and getting up is easier and easier. The weather man even forcasts temperatures of…

Amherst Orchid Society Show

  • Post published:02/25/2008
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It snowed and iced last week and the radio today promises another bad storm tomorow. It has been a very very long winter so I was more than usually eager to find flowers and dream of spring.The Amherst Orchid Society provided the perfect antidote, an exhibition and sale of hundreds of fabulous orchids from the big corsage type cattleyas, all ruffle and frou frou to airy dendrobiums to the elegant phalaenopsis, which is my favorite, and not just…

Lunar Eclipse

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The lunar eclipse was very clear up here on our Massachusetts hill. We have perfect conditions for star - and moon - gazing because there is no light pollution. The skies are dark, but brilliant with a splash of the Milky Way and the host of heroes and gods from the Greek and Roman mythologies including Selene, the goddess of the moon whose chariot is pulled by two white cows whose horns are symbols of the crescent moon.Of…

Native Ferns, Moss & Grasses by William Cullina

  • Post published:02/18/2008
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William Cullina, director of horticultural research at New England Wildflower Society's Garden in the Woods in Framingham has just come out with the third book in his Native trilogy. This is an excellent reference book, but one that is so charming that it make frequent dips into it irresistible. The helpful and copious color photographs, many taken by Cullina himself, are easy to use and easy on the eye. From Emerald Carpet to Amber Wave: Serene and Sensuous…