Olympic Bouquets

  • Post published:02/28/2010
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Nancy Bond at Soliloquoy has a wonderful post about the Olympic bouquets that are given to each Olympic winner, gold, silver and bronze medal winners all.

It has been difficult to get a good look at the bouquets. They do not seem to be given or received with much ceremony, which is a shame because they are lovely.

Nancy tells the full story about constraints and requirements for designing these bouquets which is fascinating. It’s made me think about all the different ways flowers are used to celebrate or memorialize important occasions. You can expect to hear more about this as the year goes on.  Thank you Nancy for  a great post.

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  1. Tinky

    They ARE lovely. Thanks, Pat (and Nancy)……..

  2. Pat

    tinky – so many things to think about when making a public bouquet!

  3. Flaneur

    Thank you for the post and for the link as well: not that I wasn’t riveted by the Olympics coverage, but there were times when the question foremost in my mind was “What are those bouquets?” I assumed the materials were indigenous to Canada and clearly they were the result of some considerable thought – and they offered a blessed relief from all that snow and ice! Now, Pat, if only NBC had given us more information about the medals. But visually, the bouquets were more compelling. So… a gold medal to creative florists, too.

  4. Pat

    Flaneur – It is always interesting to see what an artist, architect, or florist, will do given the constraints.

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