New England Grows! in Boston

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New England Grows! welcomes OESCO's scarecrow
New England Grows! welcomes OESCO’s scarecrow

New England Grows! is a big landscaping tradeshow in Boston and I got to see old friends like Kate and Russ French of OESCO where a 20 foot scarecrow blew fiercely over the exhibit of great OESCO tools.

Pride's Corner Farm succulent display
Pride’s Corner Farms succulent display

I spoke to Linette Harlow at Pride’s Corner Farms about the plants they grow for various plants you will find at garden centers in the spring, I loved this display of succulents growing in a slightly rotting log. I count this as another form of hugelkultur.

Native Wetland plants at Aquascapes Unlimited
Native wetland plants at Aquascapes Unlimited.

John Courtney at Aquascapes Unlimited told me that sedges made excellent controllable plantings for wetlands, or often wet gardens.

I talked to many other people and you’ll be hearing about all I’ve learned very soon. Every year New England Grows! gives me an opportunity to see what will be showing up in garden centers this spring, and new developments in conservation.

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  1. Oh, I really like that succulent display! Sound like a fun event, and especially nice that you were able to reconnect with friends.

  2. Pat

    Beth – That Pride’s corner booth had another larger succulent display using a too weird and not suitable for sale daphne with various succulents, gravel and stones. Very handsome and Japanese looking.

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