Muse Day May 2009

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Bounded by strand
above strand of song
— the robin’s acre

This haiku by a local poet, Carol Purington, who lives one town over in Colrain, is from her book Family Farm: Haiku for a Place of Moons.

Carol was struck by polio in her childhood and has lived in an iron lung for most of her life, but she has found a way to connect the limitations of her life with the boundless energies of her family and the ever renewing growth and husbandry of the farm. She has captured the seasons and the love of a piece of land that sharpens the way I look at my own landscape.

If we hadn’t named our ‘farm’ End of the Road Farm, it would have been Robin Hill. Lots of robins mark the beginning of spring.

Thank you Carolyn Gail over at Sweet Home and Garden Chicago for hosting Muse Day

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  1. Ms. Wis./Each Little World

    I like the idea of calling the lawn a flowery mead. That means my lawn is always looking good. I was just listening to Emmylou and the Chieftans (right behind you) β€” what a nice way to start our day.

    Do you know John Galsworthy’s Forsyte Saga? Series of books and a great Masterpiece Theater series as well. The house β€” called Robin Hill β€” is central to the story.

  2. Rose

    A lovely haiku for the month of May, Pat! Haiku look deceptively simple to write, but they’re not. Carol Purington must be a very inspirational lady.

    We have lots of robins here, too, and dandelions as well:)

  3. Commonweeder

    Ms. Wis. – I am indeed familiar with Galsworthy’s Robin Hill, and I think there are other Robin Hills in literature, although I cannot call any of them to mind.
    Rose – Simplicity is always hard. I’m glad you enjoy the robins and the dandelions – the eponymous commonweed of this blog.

  4. joey

    A beautiful post for Muse Day. I adore robins as did my brother ~ since he died unexpectedly, we published his book, A ROBIN’S WINTER, posthumously. Each robin I see, I think of him. Thank you for stopping over … it’s been a joy visiting πŸ™‚

  5. Carolyn gail

    A wonderful selection for GBMD, Pat and a very inspiring story about Carol Purington.

  6. Commonweeder

    Carolyn Gail, I think you’ll see more GBMD posts with Carol Purington’s haiku. Be sure to visit at the New site.

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