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  • Post published:12/17/2007
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Jenny Ruhl bought a house in Gill four years ago and started a new garden. She also started a new website describing all the limitations of her landscape – rocks, thin soil, lots of shade – and then documented the 2007 garden year with wonderful photographs and brief text. Jenny’s Garden can be seen at

This is the time of year when we can all review the garden year and think about 2008. This is what Jenny had to say “As far as my plans for the garden go next year, I’m going to be putting in some perennials in the shady area towards the bottom where I have been putting the nonstop begonias, as that area is looked pretty sparse this past year. The Begonias didn’t like the drought and I lost quite a few of those I’d been saving every year I’m also going to have to think of something else colorful to put in where the zinnias have been for the last couple years because they were all so virus infected this year. I’ve been told they need to be rotated. I’m giving up on the dahlias, too. They were beautiful my first two years, but the last two years the Japanese beetles ate almost all the blossoms. Each year the beetles get worse so I want to plant things they don’t like. I accidentally yanked one of the lupines doing my fall clean up, too. So there is a lot of room for new plants next year. “

I have found there is always room for more plants. One way or another. I’d love to hear about more gardens and hope more people will share.

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